8 Beauty Tips For Men To Follow!

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When discussing the topic of beauty, it seems that almost always it is focused on women. That is fine and all, but at this time in age men out there are also more focused on their own personal daily beauty routines so that they can look fresher and better. We will focus on seven beauty tips for the average man, and after you read and implement these, you will notice a drastic difference! 
1. Exfoliate your face and body daily: For your face, you need a delicate scrub that is sensitive enough to not harm your skin. Look for all natural ingredients only and avoid any products with cetyl alcohol. For your body, follow the same rule of all natural ingredients, however the product does not have to be delicate. A great time to do both is in the shower. 

2. Style your hair with the right product: There are so many different hair products out there in regards to styling, so it is easy to get confused. Between hair gels, hair waxes, pomades, and mousse it is easy to get lost on which product is meant for your hair. If you are completely unsure on which product responds the best to your hair, just pick out a good hair wax or hair gel. Hair wax and gel responds well to all types of hair, even long hair. Once again, avoid any hair products with alcohol in them.

3. Shave or Trim Your Beard Daily: The optimal practice regarding your face is to shave bi-daily, and you can do this with either the traditional razor or if you want more convenience you can use an electric razor for men instead. If you have a beard, that doesn’t mean you should neglect it and the same applies except the only difference is you need to trim it. Do this with scissors or your electric razor. 
4. Moisturize your face and body daily: The sun is one of the most damaging entities to your skin. If you do not moisturize daily, especially with an SPF 15+ product, you are exposing your skin to harmful UV rays that will only age you faster. Get a nice moisturizer for your face and body respectively, and apply it before you leave the house. 
5. Take your daily vitamins and fish oil: Vitamins are a critical part of beauty and they can help keep you looking young and vibrant if you take them daily. Fish oil has also been linked to reduced acne and improved skin tone so grab yourself some Omega 3’s as soon as possible! 
6. Slow down with the shampooing: Shampooing daily has been linked to damaging hair in the long run. There is a now a new trend called ‘no poo’ in which people choose to never using shampoo and instead they clean their hair with apple cider vinegar. They claim to have much healthier and silkier hair than ever before. Regardless, too much shampoo is definitely detrimental to y our hair so slow down a little bit. 

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7. Exercise more often: Exercise not only improves your weight and physical appearance, but it also has been proven to inhibit clear skin. If you’re not exercising at least 4 days a week, you’re missing out. 
8. Cut down on fried and greasy food: Eating healthier is perhaps the most important part of your beauty. Fried and greasy foods will reflect badly on your skin, your stomach, and your overall personality. Cut down on these foods and start incorporating more vegetables and fruits into your diet. You will be mesmerized by how much more improved your mood and body can become just by doing this.

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